Varlion Maxima Prisma Airflow W Orange


Varlion Maxima Prisma Airflow W is a model that was born in 2020 from the fusion between the LW (rounded shape created in 1995) and the Avant (teardrop shape created in 2009). As a result, we achieved a rounded teardrop-shaped racket, designed for players who seek control in their game without losing power.

Shape Tear
Type of game Between control and power
Nivel Professional
Line Premium
Balance Medium-high
Type of core Hard core for -25ºC/-77ºF
Main material Carbon fiber
Handle 14,5 cm
Frame Prisma frame
Heart construction With difusor
Rough texture in the surface Sí, textura SLICE 2023. Más notable e incrustada en el propio molde de la pala.
Self-adhesive bumper Yes
Cover Yes, Summum Pro cover included
Collection 2023/2024
Weight From 340 to 365 gr.

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