Hard or Soft Padel Rackets?

Soft or hard padel racket – what’s best? The hardness of the internal core and the surface are one of the most important factors when choosing a padel racket. It greatly affects the feeling and playability on the padel court. In this article, we explain the differences to help you make the right decision. Even […]

How to choose a padel racket ?!

padel racket differences

The shape of the padel racket One of the keys when choosing a padel racket is its shape . There are three basic types of padel racket on the market depending on their shape: Shapes Padel Rackets Diamond-shaped rackets: it is a racket indicated for powerful, offensive players with some experience. The sweet spot is low […]

This is how much prize money the men’s players have won at the World Padel Tour this season

During the season, the WPT players have had an intense schedule with many tournaments. Here are the ten men’s players who have earned the most on the World Padel Tour so far this season. 10. Jon Sanz: €49.634 9. Paquito Navarro: €51.932 8. Momo Gonzalez: €52.190 7. Juan Lebrón: €52.647 6. Federico Chingotto: €58.633 5. Alejandro Galan: €70.025 3. Franco Stupaczuk: €115.932 […]