Nox Genius Ultralight 2023


We present the AT10 Genius Ultra Light 2023 the little sister of the AT Genius arena of Agustin Tapia.

The AT10 Genius Ultra Light 2023 is a padel racket especially suitable for:

Players who, due to physical conditions (epicondylitis, arm injuries, etc …) want to play with a shovel of reduced weight.

Junior players who want to play with a shovel of normal dimensions but with a handle adapted to their hand size.
The power, agility, solidity and ball output of this closed-heart blade made with ultralight materials to reach weights between 300 and 325 gr is surprising.

Nox AT10 Genius Ultralight 2023 Characteristics:

  • Shape: Round
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Weight: 300-325 grams
  • Core: HR2 Core
  • Frame: 100% carbon
  • Face: Fiber Glass Silver 3K
  • Control: 9/10
  • Power: 7/10

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