This is how much prize money the men’s players have won at the World Padel Tour this season

During the season, the WPT players have had an intense schedule with many tournaments. Here are the ten men’s players who have earned the most on the World Padel Tour so far this season.

10. Jon Sanz: €49.634

9. Paquito Navarro: €51.932

8. Momo Gonzalez: €52.190

7. Juan Lebrón: €52.647

6. Federico Chingotto: €58.633

5. Alejandro Galan: €70.025

3. Franco Stupaczuk: €115.932

3. Martín Di Nenno: €115.932

1. Arturo Coello: €128.445

1. Agustin Tapia: €128.445

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